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About Us


The majority of our work is for senior citizens, accounting for 60% of our visits to customers’ homes, last job was consultant for 7 years in Israel on very large systems and satellite technologies. 25 years with British Telecom. Based in Mandria, we have a 4 tier pricing strategy going greater distances does cost more, but the “free” on site time is increased accordingly.

Our Work

The work we do is predominantly to restore PC’s of 3 years and older to their original state of performance. This is mainly due to the ridiculous amount of "cons" that today’s websites impose on its visitors. This leaves a mess or data, programs, and occasionally malware and viruses on PC’s. Another much demanded service is helping people out with tuition, and enabling people to do things in future for themselves. Data transfer or migration ensures people get all those photo’s, documents, video’s and Web bookmarks onto their new computer should they upgrade their machines.

Remote Work

Where we visit customers a long way off, like Remote Mountain dwellings, and Polis and west island areas, we can even do a lot of work "remotely" without having to even go there. This is accomplished by either PayPal payment, or customer taking out a yearly low cost package of 4, 8 or 20 hours. It is done with customer watching, and if required step by step commentary over the phone, but this elongates the time by 20—30%. Totally secure, customer controls the connection, with new password needed every time it is used.

Our Director

Director Mal has a habit spanning 30 years or more whereby he does not “read up” on the latest hardware, software, and operating systems. He actually builds a machine, whether virtual or real, and does every stupid thing a customer might do by accident and then the remedies required. He is also a true Guru in storage philosophies, backup and networking. The company server he built is actually 24 processor machine with 144 GB RAM and 20Tb or storage, and there are two of these……..Why such a beast, well firstly in extreme cases we can “clone” your machine onto server and try data affecting fixes before doing it on the “real” customers machine, especially where nasty viruses are concerned, and secondly this machine backs itself up 3 times a day.

At your Home 7 DAYS A WEEK

Computer repairs, tuition, upgrade, optimizing, speeding up that slow computer thats full of rubbish put there without you knowledge. Specialists in transferring all data & Pictures to your new PC or Laptop.